This is my dream world.


Variaatioita Tom of Finland -postimerkistä.

Variations of the Tom of Finland stamp, featuring Finland’s Minister of the Interior Päivi Räsänen (Christian Democrats), Prime Minister Alexander Stubb (National Coalition) and the one and only Vladimir Putin.

Suzuya Juuzou the ghoul investigator

The tip of my finger touches you
And I know I’m not alone
With the single bent wing we were given.
Trigger by Yuuki Ozaki


When I find myself in times of trouble brother castiel comes to me…

Inspired by x

Supernatural + text post

Paska essee mutta tulipahan tehtyä
Minä (via youngmanrealist)

"I would want Haru-chan to continue living in a way that’s true to who he is.” - Nagisa

"I just really want Haruka-senpai to remain free forever, the way he’s always been.” - Rei

let’s take a while and realize how nagisa’s and rei’s opinions contrasts with everyone else’s. as haru’s big admirers, they just wanted him to be free and unbound by anything. they wanted him to have a dream as well, but before that, i think they want him to be free and be the ‘haruka’ again that they admired most.